As a Goodwill participant,
you have the right to:

Be treated by others in a way that respects you and your privacy.
Be given information, in a timely manner, that helps you make informed choices about how you receive all your services and who will be providing those services, including providers other than Goodwill.
Ask for access to referral to legal assistance if you feel you need such assistance.
Have the supports you receive fit your needs in an effort to improve or maintain your ability to be as independent as you can.
Set your own goals for the future.
Receive payment for productive work that is done during the course of your program.
Be informed of how you are making progress toward your goals.
Be informed on what to do if you have a problem. (See the Problem Solving Procedure.)
Be free from abuse, any type of financial or other exploitation, humiliation and neglect as well as retaliation.
Be involved in planning any extra self-help/support services you may need.
Have all information about you at Goodwill, such as in your file or what the staff knows about you, kept confidential and have control over how and when the information we have is released.
Participate or refuse participation in research projects where accepted research guidelines will be followed.
A safe and healthy place to work and engage in other activities.
Teach people about your disability.
Accept or refuse supports.
Make mistakes and succeed.
See the information Goodwill keeps about you.
(Some information in your file is restricted by our contracts with referring agencies; to find out what information is restricted and how to access it, please see your Case Manager).

Watch our "Participant Rights" video