Injury did not dampen Gregg's drive for adventure and success

November 20, 2014

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Assessment highlights skills and traits for successful employmentAs an adolescent, Gregg regularly participated in outdoor activities such as mountain biking and wake boarding as well as other physically challenging hobbies. As he grew older, he continued to expand his repertoire for adrenaline-inducing endeavors. Gregg was involved in a mountain biking accident one afternoon that left him partially paralyzed, with minimal use of his upper body.

But despite his injuries, Gregg has pressed on, and has been provided with care and support to pursue his dreams. He has not allowed tragedy to interfere with his life or his goals. He participates in modified wake boarding, snowboarding and murder ball in his manual chair and works out daily.

Gregg was referred to Goodwill by the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for a vocational assessment. And he flourished. Not only did he successfully complete his assessment with high admiration from job coaches and other participants, but he also started school pursuing a degree in business administration.

During his assessment, Gregg demonstrated a wide range of traits, characteristics, skills and abilities that any future employer would find marketable and would respect. He was continuously positive and had a desire to help wherever he could. He was quite goal oriented and did not allow obstacles to hinder him. He displayed leadership qualities and had the knowledge and composure to deal properly in stressful situations. He was quite encouraging and displayed confidence, determination and persistence in his overall work ethic and demeanor. He demonstrated excellent retention ability and worked with minimal direction due to self-motivation. He was willing to try new ideas and was always excited to learn new skills.

Through his assessment, Gregg stated that he has come to an understanding of his strengths and what he can do both physically and mentally in a work setting. He does not have the attitude of “I cannot,” but one of “Let me try and see.” This was inspiring and motivating for other participants going through similar trials and employees who have worked with him.