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February 01, 2016

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Goodwill staff receive Workforce Development credentials

(Coeur d’Alene, ID) -- Briana Richardson and Lisa Emmett of Goodwill’s Working Solutions Program recently received the Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) credential from the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP). Richardson and Emmett work in Goodwill’s Working Solutions office in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Richardson is a Regional Program Manager for Working Solutions. Emmett is a Quality Assurance Program Manager for Working Solutions, Regions 1 and 2. Richardson joined Goodwill in March 2009. Emmett came to Goodwill in May 2009.

The CWDP is a nationally recognized, portable credential seen by many employers, funders, customers as evidence of a high level of competency of the Workforce Development professional.

Workforce Development Professionals serve job seekers and employers.  They provide academic and skills training, as well as career assistance to help job seekers identify and secure employment.  They serve local employers by matching skilled applicants with the human capital needs of the employer, provide outplacement services during layoffs, and facilitate onsite training.

The CWDP credential application involves a lengthy application, including professional references, transcripts, work experience, and supervisory references. Each application is reviewed by a panel of certified professionals at the NAWDP, based on 9 competencies:

  • Business and economic development intelligence

  • Career development principles

  • Collaboration and problem solving

  • Customer service methodology

  • Diversity in workforce development

  • Labor market information and intelligence

  • Principles of communication

  • Program implementation principles and strategies

  • Workforce development structure, policies, and programs

The applicant must detail their knowledge and experience in each of the 9 competencies. The NAWDP awards the CWDP credential quarterly. The pass rate for the CWDP credentialing is 60%.

“We know many people did not get their CWDO credential, so we were very excited when we received the email notice,” says Richardson.

Richardson explains that people in the workforce development profession know how arduous the credentialing process is, so having 2 staff on board with the CWDP credential will grant Goodwill additional credibility amongst funders, community partners, and employers. “This credential shows that Goodwill has the spectrum of experience and knowledge to help people in our community,” says Richardson.

“Goodwill has invested in us to make sure we have the skills and experience we need to be able to work in this rapid field, and be well-connected to resources in the community so we can help people in crisis,” says Emmett.