Working Solutions provided Nick with resume building and job search assistance

January 05, 2016

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Nick, a soft-spoken teenager, enrolled in the Working Solutions program in August 2015. He had very little work experience and no knowledge about searching for a job. Nick made it to every meeting and workshop on time and without complaint even though his home was over an hour away and he didn’t have a vehicle.

He immediately applied for jobs and created a résumé. Working Solutions helped him make minor improvements to his résumé and suggested that he submit it along with application to Walmart. Nick quickly followed this advice, got an interview, and was offered a job only days later.

Nick worked the graveyard shift at Walmart with no complaints and often would come straight from his shift to the Working Solutions office to upgrade his skills in the career center or attend a workshop class. His family was willing to make trips each day to drop him off at work and pick him up after he was done.

Working Solutions verified Nick’s employment after three weeks. During his wait, Nick continued to meet Working Solutions’ and his employment requirements. When Nick learned that he met the exemption criteria, he smiled and said goodbye. Nick is an example of the independence that can be built with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.