Support, stability and a chance

March 28, 2018

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Wes had a checkered past that included a criminal record and addiction problems. But he decided to make positive changes in his life. He enrolled with support groups, moved into a sober-living facility, and started services with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Wes enrolled with Goodwill for a community-based assessment. From the beginning, he stood out as someone with great enthusiasm and a strong work ethic. Staff from both Workforce & Family Services and Retail spoke very highly of Wes during his assessment. The Retail management team noticed his hard work and heard the positive feedback from WFS and retail staff. As a result, Wes was offered a full-time job as a facility associate. Wes accepted the job offer and was in new employee orientation the day after his assessment ended.

Wes has had as much of a positive impact on Goodwill as Goodwill has for him. Now, Wes has a full-time job where he can help others while he continues to strive to make a positive change in his life.