Shad finds a job with help from Goodwill

June 15, 2020

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Shad came to Goodwill needing help finding a job.

Goodwill helped Shad get a food handler’s permit, build a resume, and seek work. Shad used Goodwill staff to practice interviewing before landing a job at the Cheney Safeway in November 2015.

Shad works 16 hours per week, bagging groceries and assisting staff and customers. He has confidence, a friendly matter, and always has a smile. He rides the bus to and from work. He likes to use his money to buy video games, go to concerts, and attend family reunions in South Dakota. On his days off, he has participated in the Special Olympics.

When Washington’s governor implemented the stay-at-home order, Shad’s family encouraged him to self isolate. After a couple weeks, Shad missed his job very much. He returned to Safeway eagerly, ready to work and remembering how to respond to social cues without any coaching.

Shad’s coworkers enjoy him. They speak highly of him and had said that missed him while he was gone. Now that he has returned, he is all smiles. He makes conversation and is very obviously thrilled to be back. Shad’s employment makes a positive impact to daily life.