Sean's Success

March 01, 2016

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After a string of unsuccessful job placements, Sean came to Goodwill for help. He’d never worked for longer than two months. Sometimes his jobs only lasted two weeks.

Sean was able and willing to work, but his disability made it difficult to adapt to the demands of work.

Worse yet, Sean’s disability was undiagnosed. It was like trying to solve a puzzle without the picture on the box. He had no clear guidance on the steps he needed to take in order to be successful.

Sean completed a Vocational Assessment at the Moscow Goodwill store, where he excelled. Goodwill then helped Sean find a part time job as a dietary aid for an assisted living agency. Sean did great in his new position, but after he was promoted to full time and given additional duties, his employer saw changes in his performance. Goodwill provided one-on-one job coaching to assess Sean’s barriers at work. After identifying additional symptoms, Goodwill recommended medical testing and worked with Vocational Rehabilitation for the extra support that Sean needed.

Sean met with a medical professional and got an accurate diagnosis with clear information that he could use to guide his career choices. New information in hand, Goodwill helped Sean find a new job that played to his strengths and fit the needs of his new employer.

Sodexo, a company that contracts with the University of Idaho to provide food service, hired Sean for a part-time position in August 2015. Sean’s Goodwill Employment Specialist and his supervisor tailored Sean’s job duties so he could successfully meet the needs of the company. His duties include dining area maintenance, beverage and silverware stocking, and some kitchen janitorial work. Once he was able to handle the work load, his hours were gradually increased. Within 6 months, Sodexo promoted Sean to full time. He now enjoys the benefits of full-time employment, including health insurance. Sean’s job duties have expanded to include food preparation and service, which he said is “amazing.”

With success at work, Sean is also experiencing improvements in his personal life. His family was living in a hotel, but now they are able to afford an apartment due to his contributions to the family income. Sean said that he feels like he finally knows himself and has a clear direction in life, which he attributes to Goodwill.

“Without Goodwill, I would be struggling; I wouldn’t be where I am,” he said.