Ryan's Success

April 29, 2016

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Ryan has a job he is comfortable in and is focused on completing his education.

Ryan wanted to work. He dreamed of having a job as a Network Administrator. But severe depression and anxiety made it difficult to hold a job, let alone go to school.

Ryan was referred to Goodwill for help. We began a vocational evaluation with him at our Moscow store. Goodwill’s Job Coaching staff monitored his skills and challenges as he worked behind the scenes. The new setting and schedule were hard for Ryan at first, but as he became more comfortable, his performance and attendance improved.

After a couple of weeks, Ryan began to open up with his coworkers, sharing stories and having fun in his work. His job performance, attendance, and mental health improved significantly! He received a lot of praise for his positive attitude and efficiency.

After Ryan’s evaluation ended, Goodwill helped him find a job where he felt he could be himself, and was at low risk of antagonizing his anxiety and depression.

Confident in his abilities, Ryan got a job at the University of Idaho, working in the dining hall as a dish washer. With ongoing success in his new job building his confidence, Ryan decided to continue his education. He has found his passion, and is completing the necessary education to pursue his dream of a career in network administration.