Julia leverages Goodwill to find work

April 01, 2015

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Julia came to Goodwill upset, distrustful, and dev­astated after her experience with another agency. She asked Goodwill, “How do I know you are go­ing to help me?”

Julia had moved to Pull­man from Oregon, where she had held a great job for many years. After fruitless attempts to find employ­ment through other re­sources, Julia was jobless, broke and defeated. Julia struggled to make social connections because of the isolation she felt without employment.

Julia came to Goodwill for a fresh start with her job search in December 2014. Goodwill listened to her frustrations and discussed her previous attempts at employment. Julia asked difficult questions, expect­ed immediate results and was not disappointed.

After only a few meet­ings, Goodwill found her a job. Julia interviewed to work as a sign shaker and was offered the position on the spot. Her first day on the job was January 27, 2015.

Julia has been pleasantly surprised at how rewarding it is to advertise for a great company. She meets people on the street and smiles and waves to passers-by. Connecting with so many people every day brings Julia joy, especially after being stuck in her apart­ment for so long. Julia said she has not felt this good in a long time, and she is surprised at the number of regular commuters who honk, smile, and wave at her.

Julia continues to im­press her supervisor and bring business to the store. She feels valued and validated for her years of hard work. She says that in one month Goodwill has done more for her than the other agency did in two years. Today, Julia dresses in Sprint Wireless colors, waves a sign and smiles at the public on the corner of Grand and Stadium Way in Pullman. Julia was hired at Sprint in Pullman about one month after coming to Goodwill.