Help with interviewing gave Marybeth confidence

November 21, 2014

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Marybeth came to Goodwill through Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in October 2013 to find a part-time job. She didn't think she could work over four hours a day.

Prior to being diagnosed with her disability, Marybeth has been both a typist and a third grade teacher. When her disability first appeared, Marybeth had no idea she was ill. Her life spiraled out of control. She had to give up her job. After many years, her doctors found medications that helped control her symptoms. Slowly, she gained control of her health issues.

When Marybeth came to Goodwill, she was nervous, fidgety and forgetful. She undervalued herself, giving the appearance of low self-esteem, which is a roadblock to many people in job interviews.

Marybeth needed coaching and practice to help her frame positive answers about herself and her previous work. Armed with coaching, Marybeth practiced at home, and with her Employment Specialist at Goodwill. She improved steadily, but still froze when she was asked about herself. Her employment specialist coached her to take a breath and talk about who she was. After two months of practice, Marybeth paused, took a breath, looked the employment specialist in the eye and spoke about herself positively.

A typist position opened at a land title office. When it was time for Marybeth’s interview, she felt confident enough to go without the employment specialist. After the interview, Marybeth called the employment specialist. “I didn’t forget anything. And guess what? They asked me to tell them a little about myself,” she said. “I chuckled to myself, took a breath, and I just started talking. It came out right!”

Marybeth was offered the position. In spite of her new employer's willingness to ease Marybeth into the job, she quickly transitioned into working eight hours a day.

On Marybeth’s first day of training, she typed up 25 documents. Now she is typing over 100 documents per day. Marybeth’s supervisor is pleased with her ability to fit in with co-workers, pace of learning and improvement in typing. Marybeth says she loves her job and is so thankful to Goodwill for helping her achieve this long-time goal of finding employment.