Goodwill helps Dylan secure the job he wants

May 24, 2017

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Dylan came to Goodwill for job development and identified that his ideal work location would be Yoke’s Fresh Market. He had a family friend who worked for the company, and he had some experience working in a grocery store through Mica Peak High School.

With assistance from his employment specialist, Dylan applied to work at Yoke’s. Socially, Dylan had a difficult time speaking up, but he practiced interviewing at Goodwill. When Yoke’s called him for an interview, Dylan and his Goodwill employment specialist went together. They practiced interviewing in the car before his interview with Yoke’s general manager. His employment specialist reminded him to smile, have eye contact, and shake hands.

The interview went well. When the general manager asked Dylan what he liked to do best, Dylan replied that he liked to make people smile. During the interview, Dylan received support and reassurance from his employment specialist. He did so well that the general manager asked for a second on-the-spot interview.

Yoke’s hired Dylan as a courtesy clerk in the deli on Fridays. He stays on task and always volunteers to help when he sees a need. He has a strong work ethic and has not missed a day of work since October 2016. He said he appreciates his job at Yoke’s because they include part-time employees in their healthcare benefits.

At present, Dylan attends a public speaking class at Spokane Community College. He has a savings account, and he buys things that he enjoys. He likes the independence and ownership of his money, and is thankful for Goodwill’s support.