Barb takes charge of her circumstances with help from Working Solutions

May 01, 2015

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Barb came to our office depressed. A bad judgment call had cost her a job of 30 years, and she had been looking for work for al­most a year with no results.

During intake, she explained what she had done and that she felt like she was the worst person on earth. She couldn’t seem to get past the guilt she was feeling for putting her family in this situation.

It had been almost a year and a half since she lost her job, and she still was beating herself up every day. She was so embarrassed that the thought of working with her fel­low community members terrified her. In her 50s, she worried that no one would want to hire her.

Barb and her Working Solutions case manager spoke at least three days a week. Barb would be at Working Solutions at 8 a.m. almost every day. Most days started with a little pep talk and tears. If nothing else, she stated, she had a place to go instead of sitting and crying at home.

Through class attendance and trial and error, Barb became more confident. The Working Solutions employment retention specialist helped her with her résumé, work­ing it into something very profes­sional.

Barb turned in applications with an assertive, determined attitude. She would fill out an application online and then go to the location and introduce herself. Having been in bookkeeping for 30 years, she felt this would help her stand out in the crowd. She was pushing her way through her depression and really taking charge of her circumstances.

She had applied for a job through a temp agency but, because of her background, the company was not interested in hiring her.

After Barb was passed over, she had a long conversation with the manager of the temp agency, and a few weeks later she was called to work at the company that had turned her down.

Barb now works more than 40 hours a week at $2.25 over mini­mum wage. Three months in the Working Solutions program has made Barb feel like a new woman.

After being out of work for al­most two years, Barb is thankful to have a program that cares.