After 7 years unemployed, Leigh finds work and confidence with Goodwill’s help

June 15, 2016

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Leigh was able to save money and purchase a truck with money earned from her job at the YMCA.

When Leigh came to Goodwill in November 2014, she had several physical and emotional barriers that made it difficult for her to find work. She had been out of work for 7 years, and battled a spotty work history prior to that. Her confidence was shot.

Goodwill’s Work Assessment program helped Leigh identify some skills, as well as areas where she could improve those soft skills that would make her a valuable employee. A couple months later, Leigh was referred back to Goodwill’s Job Development program.

Through Goodwill’s job development program, Leigh built confidence and the tools that she needed to succeed. She learned how to dress for an interview and interview etiquette. She received help creating her resume and cover letter. She practiced her interview skills and received help with filling out job applications.

It was hard at times, but Leigh didn’t give up. She was determined to work at any position with pride, no matter what the job might be. Leigh spent several months applying for positions, and was hired as a custodian at the YMCA.

In her new position, Leigh let her determination and work ethic shine and quickly became one of the YMCA’s most valued employees. She was soon promoted to Day Lead Custodian.

Leigh’s caseworker says that Leigh gives 110 percent of herself in whatever she does. She has a reputation at work for going above and beyond. Her managers and co-workers at the Y frequently comment that Leigh is also a great person and a great employee. Even customers have taken note, including two that filled out a corporate comment card, complimenting her cleaning skills and friendliness.

Leigh is continuing to build her own brand of independence with her success. Since starting her job at the YMCA, Leigh has been able to purchase a pickup so she does not rely on anyone else for transportation, and she is saving up for her own apartment.