A good attitude, determination and Beyond Jobs lead to success

January 26, 2015

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Kristine Kelly

Kristine Kelly tapped into resources at Beyond Jobs to help her family build independence.

Step by step, Kristine Kelly has sojourned up a positive path.

Her journey started with enrollment in Beyond Jobs. Kris entered the program after two years as a stay-at-home mom. She updated her resume, made business cards, practiced interviewing, and completed several courses through the FDIC Money Smart Curriculum and reviewed Goodwill Community Foundation’s website, www.GCFLearnFree.org.

As she persevered through the 180-day retention journey, Kris met real success by meeting with the career coordinator from Beyond Jobs to get help with some issues she had been struggling through at work. She decided to explore the job market to see what other opportunities were available and found a medical transport company that was hiring. She applied and got the job. Kris started her job with updated skills, a good attitude, determination, and no break in employment.

Not only is Kris still working, but her husband got his dream job. Self-sustaining, they purchased a new home.

Kris has expressed her gratitude for the assistance at Working Solutions, but beyond that, she is a model for women striving to rejoin the job market.