2018 Independence Award Winner Profile: Janae

May 24, 2019

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Janae started working with the Goodwill team in Moses Lake in 2004. She brings a lot of energy and joy to her entire team.

In March, Janae was named one of Goodwill's 2018 Independence Award winners. Over the years of working and training with Goodwill job coaches, Janae has become a leader and a teacher. She is now able to train her peers who to complete tasks in Production. Janae's communication skills have grown. Not only does she ask questions, but her caring attitude shows when she speaks with others.

Janae cares about her co-workers and wants to help them. She has been trained to help a co-worker who has seizures. As soon as Janae notices a seizure starting, she immediately steps in to help until a job coach can take over or until the co-worker comes out of the seizure.

Job Coach Brenda Tamayo said, “Janae is one of the hardest working participants I know. She loves helping her fellow participants complete hard jobs and is always willing to do small favors to help out. She has a great caring personality.” 

Janae is a valued member of our team in Moses Lake. We appreciate all that she does. It has been so exciting for our team to watch her grow.