Moving forward with the help of SSVF

December 01, 2014

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Moving forward with Art and CarolArt and Carol were living in California, where Art, a Marine Corp Veteran, successfully worked in the welding industry while taking care of Carol, whose disabilities prevented her from working.  When Art lost his welding job, they lost their home and moved to Spokane to live with Art’s step-son.  Unfortunately, their family was evicted in May 2014 and they were all forced to live in a tent while moving from campsite to campsite.

The SSVF Program was able to address a variety of Art & Carol's needs, including getting their vehicle repaired, securing their permanent housing, and helping to stabilize their lives.  A coordinated effort between SSVF and The Transitional Jobs Program allowed Art to have access to gainful employment while honing his building maintenance skills and earning income to stabilize their housing.  Meanwhile, the Goodwill SSVF SSI, SSDI, outreach, access and recovery (SOAR) Program was able to assist Carol with her SSI/SSDI application.  Carol’s application was approved in two weeks, greatly increasing income security and housing stability for the Master’s.

Art and Carol are now housed and able to focus on their well-being. They are no longer sleeping in their vehicle, but in a comfortable warm bed. They are both very grateful for all the assistance that SSVF provided to them.