Definition You: Zarah

August 19, 2016

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Zarah wears camo on a regular basis.Zarah likes what she likes.

While she loves to shop for clothes, she is very selective about what she wears.

Zarah wears camo on a regular basis, usually in accent pieces. She likes camo because she likes to show her support for military.

While finding a back-to-school outfit, the camo shirt leaped out. It would be perfect for Zarah, but would she like it?

She was initially was a little put off by the flair in the back. Everyone shopping with her commented on how beautiful it was on her. The length of the back of the shirt accentuates Zarah’s height, but she wasn’t sure she was comfortable with the style of shirt.

Another customer in the store overheard the conversation and raved about the shirt, exclaiming that she would wear that shirt and it was also her style.

This was the boost of confidence that Zarah needed. She found some skinny jeans and a pair of boots and took some selfies. We added a khaki-colored messenger bag to complete her back-to-school ensemble.

When I asked her what she liked about the outfit, she said that the camo shirt was very feminine, fit her nicely, and was comfortable.

Camo shirt: $5.99

Boots: $12.99

Jeans: $7.99

Tank top: $1.99

Khaki-colored bag

Beautiful, Zarah! You look feminine and fun!

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