Definition You: Mrs. Simpson

August 17, 2016

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Back-to-school fashion isn’t strictly for students.

Mrs. Simpson is a substitute teacher who loves hunting at Goodwill for cute, professional outfits that she can wear in the classroom.

Recently, she found a brown polka-dotted dress for $3.99 at Goodwill and paired it with a pair of leggings, a belt, and a pair of boots, all from Goodwill.

She said that she loves the color. “The polka dots were cute and the dress was modest and professional.”

When putting together an outfit at Goodwill, ask for help from the dressing room attendant or another floor employee to find items to go with ‘that cool find.’ Sometimes, that extra pair of eyes can help you find pairings or think of the outfit in a new and different way. In this case, Mrs. Simpson found the dress first and the rest of the outfit was put together to match.

The boots were the most expensive element of the outfit, but Mrs. Simpson can wear those a couple different ways with a few different outfits this year.

Dress: $3.99
Belt: $2.99
Leggings (brand new, look for the display at Goodwill): $1.99
Boots: $14.99

Excellent choice, Mrs. Simpson! You look like you’re ready to take on the classroom.

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