Definition You: Greg

September 21, 2016

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Greg found these jeans and plaid shirt at GoodwillPresentable and respectful. This was what Greg was looking for during his Goodwill back-to-school shopping.

He found it, too, in a plaid shirt with jeans.

Sometimes, kids don’t want to stand out with flashy styles and often they will select styles that are different than what we would select for them. That’s okay.

Tips for shopping with a picky teen:

1. Listen carefully. Your teen will feel valued and respected when you treat him or her as an individual.

2. When you identify what that teen is looking for, repeat it back in order to confirm that you understand correctly.

3. Take that information and act as a personal shopper. Find those items the teen is looking for. It may even help to ask sales staff if they have seen anything like the item that your teen is looking for.

4. Encourage your teen to try new things. “This isn’t exactly what you said you were looking for, but I thought you might like it because ________ .”

5. If the items you find aren’t working out, be patient with your teen. Try a different location or a different day if you can’t find what your picky teen is looking for.

Greg was a breeze to shop with:
Plaid shirt: $5.99
Jeans: $7.99
Bag: $5.99

Good job, Greg, you look sharp.

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