Add some life and color to your winter wardrobe with Goodwill finds

January 21, 2015

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Written by Sophia Aldous

With the bustle and merriment of the holidays wrapped up and put away in the wake of the New Year, it seems like there isn't much to look forward to except the Super Bowl and spring (or maybe that's just me).

While November and December are often full of parties, get-togethers, and occasions that perhaps call for more formal attire, January feels like the month where your uniform of choice is sweatpants and your favorite team jersey (hey, no judgment here). The cold weather certainly coerces fashion choices that are warm and practical, but can leave you feeling like Randy's kid brother from A Christmas Story under all those layers ("I can't move my arms!"). 

However, for those moments when you feel the need for a little extra something in your winter wardrobe, for me, it's sequins to the rescue. This can be a tricky trend, because sequins often evoke extreme images of Vegas showgirls or Blanche from The Golden Girls (nothing wrong with either, but perhaps not the image you want to suggest in the office or out for a drink with friends). 

For me, the key is to pick a piece and make that the focal point of my outfit, whether it's a shirt, pants, scarf, etc.  Like this top I found at Goodwill (pants and blazer too, incidentally). It's bold, it's brave, and surprisingly easy to pair with other items in the closet. It can be layered over a tank top or long-sleeved t-shirt, or throw a blazer on top for a sophisticated reserved look that allows the sparkle to peek through. You can dress it up or down accordingly by adding a belt and gold jewelry, or just let your statement piece do all the talking. And with the long pants, it's still realistic for frigid temperatures, without making you feel like the Stay Puff Marshmallow man. 

With the exception of the shoes, this outfit was purchased entirely at Goodwill, and came out to around $16. One more reason why second-hand saves!