Super Bowl Win-Win with Goodwill

February 04, 2016

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Cup art photo courtesy

Superbowl Sunday is just a few days away. When my team isn't in the big game, I kind of forget it's even happening, until the last minute. So yesterday when KHQ called to ask if I could come do a Super Bowl Party spot, I momentarily panicked. But then I ran down to our Goodwill store, and my panic was instantly erased as I found most of the decor I needed in just 15 minutes.

I came away with an orange pastic table cloth, a sturdy set of blue placemats ($1.99 for the whole set!), 4 orange plates, an orange veggie and dip tray, a fantastic wicker chip basket, an ice bucket, 2 green baskets, and several pieces of glassware.

Now, I used to live in Oregon, and I worked for an organization that educated the public on reuse and recycling. So, I have a hard time buying things that are just going to be used once and thrown away. I found a great idea on for personalizing your drinkware, but instead of plastic one-time use cups, I picked up glasses at Goodwill for $.99 each. Just trace the logo of your favorite team on your cup, add your name, and voila! My guests can now take home a souvenir from our party. Not to mention the fact that their glasses won't get crushed like the plastic cups when they get upset about a ref's call! Genius -- less mess for me to clean up after the party!

Add some cute printables in frames to decorate your table, and you are all set for the big game. I found some great free printables at Three Little Monkey Studios.

I shared some easy Super Bowl munchie recipes with the team at Good Day Spokane this morning. They have uploaded the recipes to their site. The Chili Cornbread Cups, 5 layer Mexi-dip, Loaded Baked Potato Dip, and the "Don't Trifle with the Panthers" layer dessert were all a hit with the morning crew.

So get creative with your party, and have some fun. Visit your local Goodwill for great prices on dishes, decor, and even apparel. You never know what gems you might find!

For more inspiration, check out our Super Bowl Party board on Pinterest.