Valerie finds renewed confidence

October 22, 2018

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Valerie is feeling confident again with her new job

When Valerie came to Goodwill for help, she was very discouraged. She really wanted to find part time work in retail. She had been searching for work for a while, and at the time she came to Goodwill, her confidence and self-esteem were running low.

Employment Placement staff at Goodwill worked with Valerie to revamp her resume and applied at several retailers, but she still had no luck after several interviews. “Valerie’s location and the hours she was available to work were a barrier to finding the right fit,” shared Gina, her case manager.

So, Goodwill encouraged Valerie to broaden her scope. Valerie rebuilt her resume and cover letter, with the help of her case manager, and started applying for different jobs. With Goodwill’s help, Valerie found a job with a supportive employer as a caregiver.

"Once Valerie decided she was interested in caregiving, we had two interviews and a job offer within the week,” said Gina. “Valerie’s new employer is very supportive and willing to work around her many requirements. Valerie’s confidence and self-esteem have greatly increased.”

Goodwill helped Valerie with the training and orientation needed for her position and gave follow along services to help Valerie maintain employment.

Valerie says, “After working with Goodwill, I have gained confidence in myself and my work skills.”

"I am very proud of Valerie,” says Gina. She will be a great caregiver.”