Lora learns to thrive on her own

November 03, 2017

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woman buying groceries

Lora was young and inexperienced. She was a young adult who lacked the skills or resources to thrive independently. On the verge of homelessness with no support system, Lora desperately needed employment.

While Lora was motivated to work and determined to make it on her own, she lacked the skills and resources to get there. Lora’s disability made it difficult for her to read and write. She needed assistance with basic job searching; and because of this roadblock, Lora had never been able to apply for a job before.

So, Lora turned to Goodwill for help. She connected with an Employment Specialist, who joined her when she spoke with potential employers. Lacking confidence and experience in the workforce, support was just what Lora needed. Lora’s Employment Specialist continued to stand by her through the beginning of her employment. The Employment Specialist was a resource for Lora and her new bosses as they learned how to work together.

With help and guidance from Goodwill’s Employment Services, Lora now maintains a full-time job. Her job allows her to independently pay her bills, including rent and medical bills, and buy her own groceries and other things she needs.

Lora is actively constantly taking initiative to improve her quality of life.  She admits that without Goodwill, life would be, “much harder.”