Housing and Essential Needs (HEN)

The Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) program provides housing assistance and essential housing needs to individuals who have been referred to the program by the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). This program is available in Spokane County.

Individuals who apply to DSHS for assistance due to a short-term disability may be eligible for the Housing and Essential Needs program.

Eligible persons who are homeless or, in some cases, at risk of becoming homeless may receive housing assistance in the form of rental subsidies, housing deposits, and application fees, as well as assistance with utility payments if program staff determine such assistance is needed.

Eligible individuals may also receive essential household needs such as cleaning supplies, hygiene products, and other household items and transportation assistance in the form of bus passes or gasoline vouchers.

The Housing and Essential Needs program is funded by the Washington State Department of Commerce through a grant by the City of Spokane. 


Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF)

Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) is a housing stability program for eligible veterans struggling to obtain and sustain permanent housing. Goodwill partners with Volunteers of America to provide these intensive services to veterans and their families in Spokane, Stevens, Pend Orielle, Kootenai, Ferry, Lincoln, Whitman, and Bonner counties. SSVF is able to assist over 400 veterans each year.

SSVF uses a “housing first” approach to assisting veterans. The focus is on housing stability, not treatment, with an emphasis on crisis intervention and client self-determination.  SSVF provides the following supportive services:

  • Outreach services 

  • Case management services

  • Assist participants to obtain VA benefits

  • Assist participants to obtain and coordinate the provision of other public benefits provided by Federal, State, or local agencies, or any eligible entity in the area served by the grantee (provided directly or through referral to partner agencies) 

The SSVF program is also able to offer some employment assistance services.  SSVF services are offered centrally out of offices in Spokane.

Mobile Outreach Teams hit the streets, parks, wooded areas, shelters, and any other connection they can make to build relationships with veterans who are homeless, and help them connect to the SSVF program. Click here for more information.