Goodwill also has an Outlet Store.

1406 E. Front Avenue, Spokane, WA 99202

Merchandise at the Goodwill Outlet Store is sold primarily by-the-pound (excluding heavier items such as furniture and books). Items sold at the Outlet are items that have not sold in Goodwill's Retail stores.

The Outlet provides Goodwill with another opportunity to get value out of donations that did not sell in our stores. You'll find everything from jeans to bed sheets to sleeping bags, coffee pots to crockpot inserts, Christmas decorations to wooden puzzles, ski boots to flip flops, books to records, furniture to fitness equipment, and everything in between.

The Goodwill Outlet has launched Goodwill closer to its goal to become a Zero Waste organization, meaning that less than 10% of what we produce is buried or burned. If items still do not sell at the Outlet, we are able to bundle them and sell them on the salvage and recycling market. All of these additions to our retail business line have enabled us to maximize the value of your donations for the growth of our mission service programs.

The Goodwill Outlet is enabling Goodwill to divert an additional 800,000 pounds or more from the landfill.